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Two possible phases may occur. In a lytic phase, the viral DNA commands the reproduction of numerous more viral copies. Upon the production of a sufficient population of viruses within the cell's membrane, the virus break the cell membrane, destroying the cell The lysogenic phase occurs when the viral nucleic acid is incorporated into the cellular genome. Then the cell reproduces as a hybrid cell, also reproducin the viral nucleic acid. This phase is less harmful to the host cell, while it still allows for the onset of the lytic phase. In other words: Lytic phase: more virus bodies and cellular destruction Lysogenic phase: Viral genome is integrated into cellular DNA and reproduced by regular division. Cell is not necesarily harmed but could still result in Lytic phase.

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Q: What happens to the viral nucleic acid once it is inside the cell?
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How is the viral nucleic acid core different from the nucleicid of the bacterial host?

bactrial DNA:- most bic / larger, but only one cell viral nucleic acid:- smaller then bacterial nucleic acid, but it has many cells

What is the function of viral nucleic acid?

It involve in reproduction.It act as heridity material.

What is inside a nucleus?

Nucleic acid

What part of the HIV virus serves to protect the nucleic acid core?

viral load

What type of vaccine involves host synthesis of viral antigens?

A nucleic acid vaccine

Do host cells give energy for new viral proteins and nucleic acid to be made?


Where do viral particles get the materials for the protein - and nucleic acid - synthesis that they need to perform?

To carry out their Viral processes they 'utilize' the resources of The Host Cell.

What is the nucleic acid core in a virus called?

the "core" of a virus is the nucleic acid (either DNA or RNA) that makes up the viral genome. this core contains all the genetic information of that virus, and is enclosed within the protein coat known as the capsid.

What type of biological molecule is DNA?

It is a nucleic acid (and specifically, deoxyribose nucleic acid).

What is the Nucleic acid core definition?

a core is The part of a nuclear reactor where binary fission occurs.Some viruses contain DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)and other viruses contain RNA (ribonucleic acid). Either of these molecules is responsible for the primary qualities of life that viruses display while inside host cells. The nucleic acids are genetic instructions for viral activity and reproduction.

Which nucleic acid is found inside and outside the nucleus of a cell?


What is the full name for DNA and RNA?

DNA- Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid RNA-Ribo Nucleic Acid