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Sudden headache followed by loss of consciousness

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Depending on the severity of the bleed - it can cause severe headaches, or cause the patient to lose consciousness - perhaps even coma or death.

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Q: What happens when bleeding on the brain occurs?
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Where in the body would a cerebral hemorrhage occurs?

A 'cerebral hemorrhage' means bleeding within the brain.

What happens if you get a brain freeze while having a headache?

Nothing. A brain freeze is incorrectly named as it occurs in the mouth rather than the brain.

How much of the body's oxygen does the brain need and what happens when it doesn't?

I don't know how much of the body's oxygen the brain needs, but when the brain does not receive enough, a stroke occurs.

What is a hemorage?

A hemorrhage occurs when bleeding happens because of a wound or injury. It can occur either internally or externally and is important that it be stopped.

What is intercranial hemorrhage?

an accumulation of blood that occurs within the brain

Causes of infarction in brain?

The most common cause of brain infarction is stroke, which is when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. A ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. A hemmorhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel breaks open, causing blood to leak into the brain. The risk of stroke increases with high blood pressure, age, family history, smoking, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Drug and alcohol abuse, bleeding disorders, and head injuries can also cause bleeding into the brain.

What is the most serious form of bleeding?

in the brain and internal bleeding

What is haemorrhagic?

it is bleeding in the brain

What is one difference between a subdural hematoma and an epidural hematoma?

A Subdural Hematoma occurs when a severe acceleration to deceleration occurs leading to the veins in the subdural space tearing. An Epidural Hematoma occurs from direct trauma to the brain leading to bleeding in the meningeal artery.

What happens to a baby's brain when a baby is shaken?

Nothing good, the brain can become bruised, start bleeding and swell inside the sckull causing brain trauma, and life long injury. DON'T DO IT, IF YOU WITNESS IT REPORT IT, THOSE THAT DO IT ARE PATHETIC

What happens if I'm on my period but there is no bleeding?

If there is no bleeding then you are not menstruating.

What is meaning of the medical term know as hemorrhagic stroke?

The meaning of the term hemorrhagic stroke is when bleeding with in the brain occurs, which often damages, nearby brain tissue. One should see a doctor because hemorrhagic stroke is life threatening.