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Flowers that smell like rotting meat rely on carrion flies for pollination.

They pollinate as it normally does but instead of pollinators or insects to help it pollinate, other resources like wind, help the pollen get around easily due to is light weight

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The flowers use their stench of rotting meat to attract flies, which pollonate the flowers!

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Q: What helps to pollinate flowers that do not have bright colours and sweet smell?
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Why do some flowers white and not coloured?

Because these colours attract insects and the flowers need the insects to pollinate them. Hope this helps!

Why do insects and birds visit flowers?

They do that in order to get nectar which helps pollinate a flower

How does the adaptation of looking like a bee help the bee orchid pollinate it's flowers?

Adaptation helps the orchid attract insects

How does a flower benefit from a butterfly?

Butterflies going from one flower to another helps with pollination of flowers. Some flowers are not able to self pollinate and need assistance from insects like butterflies.

What is the importance of butterfly?

they are agents of pollination.

What is the bio me of a moth?

If that is biome, when a larva it is its cocoon. As an adult it depends on the species, can be forest, gardens, etc. Many moths pollinate night-blooming flowers. Hope this helps.

What are 2 ways flowers can be pollinated?

There are a lot of ways to pollinate flowers. One way (the most common way), is to take a Q-tip and rub the center of the flowers. Then, take the same Q tip and rub another flower the same way. I hope that helps!!

How do you pollinate?

bees have this special thing in them that helps them to pollinate them even though it just looks like their walking on the flower

This insect helps pollinate flowers?

the answer your looking is bees. They go to flower to flower picking up and dropping polyn. Almost every plant need to be pollinated example of a flower that does not to be pollinated is peas

How do you bees pollinate?

bees have this special thing in them that helps them to pollinate them even though it just looks like their walking on the flower

What does Anther do?

It is a part that of a flower and it helps call the bugs pollinate.

What flowers were used in Beauty and the Beast my wedding is that theme and whant the flowers to be consistent with the movie?

because flowers have pollon in them so then the bees come a long and take the pollon then they fly, when they fly the pollon falls off and pollon helps to grow things. If we dont have bees to pollinate things then the world would die out in four years.