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You're hand will get nasty.

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Q: What if you finger youself why your on your period?
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How will you do when you desire to sex?

Get someone who can help yoou with that or porn videos and finger youself

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just call me and ill help u out you wont need your fingers

How do you finger yourself if you haven't had your period?

having period has nothing to do wit masturbation.So you can finger your self as usual if you havent had your period.

Can someone finger you if your on your period?

Yes. You can stick your finger in any hole

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What are the sign that you have started your period?

u will feel like u have wet youself and then it will feel like u have pored a slush puppy down your pants

Can a boy finger you when your on your period?

Yes, of course a boy can finger you when you're on your period. Menstruation doesn't stop you from doing anything that you'd do any other time of your menstrual cycle.

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