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You mean Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is a disease that causes the build up of collagen in the skin and other organs. It is a progressive disease that is often fatal. There is no known cure and causes are still unknown but risk factors include working with silica dust or polyvinyl chloride.

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Q: What is 'Squireladerma' calcification of the organs?
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What is parenchymal calcification?

parenchymal calcification

What is clacification?

"Clacification" seems to be a misspelling. If you meant "calcification," it refers to the accumulation of calcium salts in body tissues. In medicine, it can occur in various organs like the kidneys, arteries, or breast tissue, leading to potential health issues depending on the location and extent of calcification.

What is calcification of the aorta inferiorly?

calcification of the aorta inferiorly?

Can punctuate calcification disappear in pancreas?

It is unlikely that the calcification will disappear.

What is the clinical significance of calcification?

There is a great clinical significance of calcification. Calcification can lead to things like kidney stones that are very painful.

What is calcification of the thoracic?

The phrase "calcification of the thoracic" is incomplete. There a missing word after "thoracic."

Can radiation therapy cause lung calcification?

Can radiation therapy cause imflamation and calcification on breast mammeogram? No, it will not cause calcification, it causes something called radiation pneumonitis, its where the lung becomes too inflammed to be useful. I can be seen as a density on xrays but not as a calcification

How to relieve Back pain caused by calcification?

The best way to relieve back pain caused by calcification is with magnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Magnesium may even decrease calcification.

Can breast calcification damage implants?

The issue is not damage to the implants, but the discomfort that breast calcification can cause when it occurs around an implant. Heavy calcification may require removal of the implant.

What is the medical term meaning calcification of the appendix?

Never heard of calcification of appendix. No such medical term exists

What vascular calcification in the foot mean?

Calcification means calcium is being deposited somewhere. Vascular calcification means there are deposits of calcium in the blood vessels. This turns the vessels hard like bone.

What are the side effects of to much calcium?

The side effects of too much calcium can include problems like thicker bone density and even calcification deposits on internal organs. It can also cause kidney stones.