What is a extremely long shot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A camera shot taken from extreme distances as in the opening of "Working Girl" a shot of all of NYC was cheezy music.

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Q: What is a extremely long shot?
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Is long shot the UK name for shot put?

I'm British, I've never heard the shot put called long shot, I know it as shot put. 'Long shot' is an informal term meaning a distant chance, or a possible guess.

When was The Long Shot created?

The Long Shot was created on 2004-04-18.

How do you get the upgrated hook shot in wind waker?

The upgraded hook shot is called the "long shot", and there isn't a long shot in tloz Wind Waker.

Can a air rifle kill a fox with a head shot?

no it is extremely unlikely that is possible

What album is long shot by Katy Perry on?

Long Shot does not belong to her album it is just a track...

How long does it take to heal after being shot by a bullet?

way too long, don't get shot

In media what is a long shot?

A long shot is a camera shot where you can see the subject's full body (generally with some head/foot room)

What are the odds of getting shot at school?

Take everyone shot at school divided by everyone that has gone to school and you have a rough estimate of your odds of being shot at school, which is most likely extremely small.

What is the duration of The Long Shot?

The duration of The Long Shot is 1.5 hours.

When did Long Shot - TV series - end?

Long Shot - TV series - ended on 1959-09-27.

What are the release dates for Long Shot - 1939?

Long Shot - 1939 was released on: USA: 6 January 1939

When was Long Shot - TV series - created?

Long Shot - TV series - was created on 1959-06-28.