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In base-pairing rules by Watson and Crick, the nitrogenous bases Adenine(A) base pair with Thymine(T), and Guanine(G) base pair with Cytosine(C) in the DNA. They are called nitrogenouse bases as they contain nitrogen atoms. There are 2 types of bases- purines and pyrmidines. Purines like A and T have fused 5- and 6- member rings. Pyrimidines like G and C have one six member ring.

Adenine - Thymine

Cytosine - Guanine

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Purine adenine and pyrimidine thymine is one pair and the other is purine guanine and pyrimidine cytosine
Guanine & cytosine

Adenine & thymine

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Adenine with thymine; cytosine with guanine (A-T, C-G)

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sugar andphosphate

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Q: What is a list of the two base pairs found in DNA?
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What are the base pairs that are found in DNA?

The base pairs found in DNA are adenine with thymine, and cytosine with guanine.

What are base pairs in biotechnology?

DNA base pairs.

What nitrogen base is found in RNA that pairs with adenine in DNA?

Which nitrogen base pairs can be found in DNA?

Adenine and Thymine Gaumine and Cytosine

What does A stand for in Biochemistry?

A stands for a purine base found in DNA and RNA; it pairs with thymine in DNA and with uracil in RNA

What Nucleotide based are found in DNA?

DNA - Adenine (A Base) Cytosine (C Base) Guanine (G Base) Thymine (T Base) RNA - Adenine (A Base) Cytosine (C Base) Guanine (G Base) Uracil (U Base)

How many base pairs are in human sperm DNA?

four base pairs

What are the correct base-pairing rules of DNA?

The correct base-pairing rules ofr DNA. . .The base pairing rules for DNA areA pairs with TG pairs with CC pairs with GT pairs with A

What are the complentary base pairs found in a DNA molecule?

Adenine - thymine Guanine - cytosine

What is the normal pairing of nitrogen bases found in a DNA molecule?

In DNA, the nitrogen base adenine (A) pairs with the nitrogen base thymine (T), and the nitrogen base cytosine (C) pairs with the nitrogen base guanine (G). So the base pairs are A:T and C:G. One way to remember is that A:T spells the word "at."

Which are the base pairs in the DNA?

In DNA,adenine----------thyminecytosine----------guanine

How is complementary base pairing different when pairing DNA to DNA than pairing DNA to mrna?

So essentially the difference is that in DNA-DNA base pairs thymine bonds with adenine while in DNA-RNA base pairs thymine bonds to uracil.