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A compound

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Q: What is a molecule made of more than one element?
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Can a diatomic molecule be made up of more than one element?


Is a molecule part of an element?

No, the other way 'round. An element exists at the single-atom level. A molecule is made of more than one atom. It can be a single element(hydrogen is more stable if 2 form a molecule H2), or can be hugely complex and made up of many different elements.

What is made of two or more atoms?

Either an element (if it is made of all one form of atom) or a molecule (more than one form of atom).

Which is smaller an element or a molecule?

An element has no size - an atom is the particle of an element, and the molecule is the particle of a compound, or a collection of atoms. Atoms of an element would be smaller than molecules formed using that element or similar elements.NOTE 1 : The atoms of one element can form molecules, such as oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3).NOTE 2 : An atom of a heavier element can have greater mass than molecules of lighter elements.

Is a element smaller than an molecule?

The atom of an element is smaller than a molecule.

Are atoms and molecules the same?

Molecules comprise atoms. In other words, a molecule is made up of two or more atoms. The atoms may be the same element, as in a molecule of oxygen, O2, or more than one element, as a molecule of water, H2O. In fact they are not.

What is more specific than a cell but less specific than an element?

A molecule.

What is the number of atoms in a molecule of cobalt?

Cobalt is an element, not a molecule. Molecules are made up of more than one atom. There is one (1) atom of cobalt.

Is a compound a molecule composed of one type of element only?

No, a compound is a molecule composed of MORE THAN ONE type of element.

What is the difference between atom element molecule and compound?

a molecule has more than one atom then the atom is the smallest piece of a element

Is O2 an element?

No it's a molecule. If anything has more than one atom, it's a molecule. Oxygen is an element, but O2 isn't

What is an ion containing more than one element?

molecule or compound

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