What is a proteins main atoms?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Proteins are made of amino acids. The general structure of an amino acid has four components bonded to a single carbon atom. The four components are: a hydrogen atom, a carboxylate group, an amino group, and a variable "R" group. The carboxylate group contains only carbon and oxygen. The amino group contains nitrogen and hydrogen. The most common atoms of protein would be carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.

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Q: What is a proteins main atoms?
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Are proteins smaller than atoms?

NO, proteins consist of multiple atoms. Hope this helps.

Do atoms go up by one on the periodic table in proteins and neutrons?

make sure your question makes sense. do atoms have proteins?

Which element contains protein?

Elements are pure substances, consisting of atoms. They do not contain proteins. Proteins are molecules consisting of a chain of atoms.

What atoms are found I am proteins?

Proteins contain hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen atoms.

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Why are proteins considered organically molecules?

They contain many carbon atoms

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Are proteins made of cells?

No. Protiens are molecules, made of atoms.

Why are proteins considered organic?

They contain many carbon atoms

What kinds of atoms does protein contain?

carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. proteins with the amino acid cysteine in them also contain sulphur. DNA proteins also contain phosphorus atoms.

What is the bond that exists within proteins?

The atoms of proteins are bond with covalent bonds. The type of bonds participated in making the primary structure of proteins are peptide bonds. Proteins are natural polymers.