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All trees lose their leaves or needles. Deciduous trees shed all their leaves at once, whereas Evergreens shed some of their leaves throughout the year, but always retain some leaves at any time, so the tree is always green, evergreen. There are many evergreen types of tree.

Deciduousness is an adaptation to the occurrence of cold or dry seasons. In areas of the world where it does not get very cold or dry, moderate or warm temperate zones and wet tropical zones, most trees are evergreen.

Conifers (trees with cones like pines, spruces and firs) and other gymnosperms can tolerate cold better than broadleaved trees, so they tend to be the main evergreen where temperatures get very cold.

Some examples of evergreens are:
  • Conifers
  • Eucalypts
  • Rhododendron
  • Mangrove
  • Southern Magnolia (magnolia grandiflora).
  • Any Southern Hemisphere beech
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Evergreens normally don't lose all their leaves in the winter they only lose 1/3 of them as compared to deciduous trees which lose all their leaves. Evergreens are trees such as pines, spruces, cedars, etc.

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An evergreen. Strictly it does lose it leaves, gradually through age, though it is not as obvious because they don't all change at once.

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Conifers or coniferous never lose there leaves in the fall unless a natural disaster happens.

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an evergreen tree

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Q: What is a term that means a tree does not lose its leaves?
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How are deciduous trees and coniferous trees different?

deciduous have leaves and coniferous have pines and needles. The term conifer means cone-shaped. The term deciduous means that the tree loses it leaves every fall. The only species of conifers that are deciduous are Larches. If the tree in question has broad leaves, nearly all of them are deciduous.

What trees lose their tree in the autumn?

Deciduous trees, such as oaks or aspens, lose their leaves in the autumn.

What is a name for a tree that is green and does not lose leaves?

a tree

What are coniferous leaves?

A tree that doesn't lose it's leaves. A Christmas tree, for example.

What do you call a tree that lose their leaves in winter?

Deciduous Tree.

All deciduous trees lose their leaves This tree is a deciduous tree This tree loses its leaves What do these describe?

A syllogism

What do you call a tree that lose its leaves during fall?

what do you call a tree that lose its leves in fall

What type of tree lose there leaves?


Do apple tree lose their leaves?

My grandparents have an apple tree and no they do not have leaves in the winter.

What tree does not lose it's leaves in autumn?

the evergreen tree does not loose its leaves during the fall, it has green leaves all year round.

What are trees called when they lose their leaves?

A tree that loses and regrows leaves each year is called aDeciduous Tree

What tree does not lose its leaves in the fall?

Ever greens