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Q: What is a tree or shrub cultivated for its white pink purple or yellow showy flowers?
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What are the special features which delonix regia and dendrobium have to ensure the success of their fertilisation process?

Success of fertilization ? - It is ensured once pollination is accomplished. It is insect pollinated and they are attracted by large showy flowers.

Which plant is called green gold?

because of trees Plants are green because of the chlorophyl in their tissues absorbe the other colors of the light spectrum so to your eyes, the reflected light is green. Under the canopy, the ambient light is green because some light passes through the leaves.

What strategies do plants adopt to favour cross-pollination?

Most plants ensure that their anthers and stigmae ripen at different times so that self fertilization is unlikely. Then there are the many strategies for ensuring that pollen travels to other flowers. If the plant relies on the wind to do this, it produces enormous amounts of pollen to increase the chances of some reaching its goal. The reproductive parts often hang out of the flower so they are exposed to the wind. Other plants produce showy flowers, strong scents and supplies of nectar to attract the animals (such as insects) which will carry the pollen to other plants. Many flowers have the nectar deep inside to make sure the insects brush against the reproductive organs as they go in and out.

Are all flowers colorful?

Some plants do not have flowers. Nearly all the plants you see around you are flowering plants: trees, bushes, vines, grasses and the "weeds". The flowers may not be big and showy, but they are there if you look for them. When flowering plants spread all over the world, about a hundred million years ago, they pushed aside the ferns and mosses and cone-bearing trees that had covered the planet for many millions of years. Of course, those plants are still here but they no longer have the planet to themselves as they did before the development of the super-successful flowering plants.

How is the life cycle of an evergreen tree similar to the life cycle of a flowering plant?

It's not because flowers wither and come back when trees stay green all year.:)

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North American plant cultivated for its showy flowers and produces yellow rays?


Ericaceous plants cultivated for their showy pink and purple flowers?

Rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias are all ericaceous.

What are Purple Water Lilies?

Purple water lilies are fragrant and showy flowers that float on the water surface. The purple flowers typically have bright purple petals with yellow centers.

What is the name of a Chinese flower cultivated for its white showy flowers?


What North American plant cultivated for its showy flowers which have golden rays?


What North American plant is cultivated for its showy flowers which have golden rays?

Rudbeckia, sunflowers and daisies have golden ray-like flowers and are cultivated in North America.

What is a large showy white pink purple or yellow flower?

Daisies or coneflowers.

How you define flowers?

Flowers are reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts. It is also a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms.

Which North American plant with showy flowers which have golden yellow rays?


What is the definition of rhododendron?

A:any of genus (rhododendron) of widely cultivated shrubs and trees of the health family with a alternate leaves showy flowers.

North American plant cultivated for its showy yellow flowers which have golden yellow rays?

Any yellow, ray-flowered member of the Asteraceae could fit this bill. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of possible species. The list would certainly be narrowed down by naming only those that are cultivated. Two very common possibilities include Rudbeckia and Helianthus. There are countless others.

A plant with a showy pink or purple flowers?

There are a few types of prickly plants which have purple flowers. the most common plant that meets this description is the cactus.