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A very simple answer is lysogenic virus. it could still kill the cell eventually if it becomes lytic.

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No, it needs a host call because it doesn't have the ability to reproduce on its own. It does not have all of the characteristics of a cell.

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Q: What is a virus that replicates without killing the host cell called?
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As a virus replicates it changes its characteristics?


Where does a virus replicate its DNA?

A virus replicates its DNA in a cell when it infects the host

Which virus characteristic enables a virus to change specific aspects of itself when it replicates?


An infection in which DNA of a virus is embedded into a host cell and replicates with host DNA is called what?

A Lysogenic Infection

A program that replicates by attaching itself to other programs?


Does Polymorphic Change itself from a virus to a worm?

A polymorphic virus not only replicates itself by creating multiple files of itself, but it also changes it's digital signature every time it replicates.

What is the term of small and dependent program that replicates itself in a system?


Cell in which a virus multiplies it self?

A virus replicates inside a host cell. For example 'Bacteriophase'

What organism replicates by taking over the genetic material of a host cell?

A virus.

A disease causing particle made of RNA without a capsid is called?

A Prion. It transmits a mis-folded protein state, and replicates by causing the host's proteins to replicate into its mis-folded pattern. Mad Cow disease is an example of a prion.

Why is a host cell unable to make its own proteins if the invading virus replicates?

The reason why a host cell is unable to make it`s protein while the invading virus replicates is because viruses typically not considered living organisms

What does virus on a computer mean?

A harmful program that replicates itself to other computers form yours.