What is also known as cell soup?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is also known as cell soup?
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What makes a borsht?

Borscht (or borsht) is also known as beet soup

What is a type of cell also known as a neurons?

A nerve cell

What is the oldest recipe for soup?

The oldest soup known to man is Hippopotumus Soup.

What cell is produced?

gastric chief cell (also known as a zymogeniccell or peptic cell)

Which part of a cell is also known as a plant cells food factory?

which part of a cell is also known as plant cells food factory?

What does cell soup mean in the term of cytosol?

In a plant cell, the cytosol is a gelatinous goo that houses all the parts of the cell. Basically, it's like all the cell pieces are floating around in a "cell soup" of sorts.

What is an active cell in Excel also known as?

It could be called the current cell.

What is the name of a well-known traditional Japanese soup?

miso soup

What are white blood cell are also known as?


A cell identified by the column letter and row number is also known as what?

A cell reference or cell address.

Is a leaf pore a cell?

Yes, leaf pore is a cell, which is also known as stomata.

What encloses the protoplasm?

Protoplasm is also known as cytoplasm. It is encased in a plasma membrane, also known as the cell membrane.