What is an example of a multicellur?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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you know!! kidding the multicellur is a part of your body in the cells and system area there you go

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Just about any living thing you can see with your unaided eye (i.e., without a microscope) is a multicellular organism.

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Q: What is an example of a multicellur?
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Is the great white shark multicellur?


Are plants multicellur?

By definition all plants are muticellular eukaryote organisms.

Is snail single cell?

no, snail is not single celled. it is a multicellur organism

Larger size longer life and specialization are three advantages to being what?

the answer is multicellur organism

What is a multicellur nucleatide?

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Are angiosperms single or multicellur cell?

Angiosperm means 'covered seeds' and they are multicellular. Trees that you can find fruits in are angiosperms.

Is a snail a singled cell?


how did the first multicellur organisms reproduce?

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What are multicellur organisms?

It is many cells see multi is another word for multiple and multiple means more so more cells

Where are multicellur heterotrophs located?

Multicellular heterotrophs are located everywhere in the world. All animals and humans are multicellular heterotrophs and can be found on land and in the ocean.

Is a person prokaryot or eukaryote?

A person is a eukaryote. It is multicellur and has a nucleus containing DNA in it's cells along with other more complex organelles.

Which animals are multicellur animals?

All 'animals' are multicellular. The only beings that are not are protists, which are microscopic creatures whose name means one cell. The other group of tiny creatures are eukaryotes, which are multicellular.