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A good example of incomplete dominance is the color of Japanese 4 o'clock flowers. A red Japanese 4 o'clock will have the genotype RR. A white Japanese 4 o'clock will have the genotype WW.

When these two flowers are crossbred, each will give one of their genes. The red flower will give a R (for red) gene. The white flower will give a W (for white) gene. The offspring will have the genotype RW.

Since neither of these are recessive, (recessive genes have lower case letters) they both show up in the phenotype. The result is a mix of red and white: pink flowers!

Had the white gene been recessive, and the offspring had the genotype Rw, then the flower would be red. Since both are dominant, they have incomplete control of the phenotype.

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Q: What is an example of an incomplete dominance?
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What is an example of a black mouse being crossed with a white mouse and all the offspring produced was gray?

Incomplete dominance

If an offspring shows a phenotype that is intermediate between the phenotypes of the parents what is this type of inheritance?

Incomplete dominance can create offspring that display a trait not identical to either parent but intermediate to the two. One example of incomplete dominance is a red flower and a white flower crossbreed to form a pink flower.

Example of incomplete dominance?

An example of incomplete dominance is when a white flower and red flower mate and create a pink flower. The white and red colors mix creating the pink. Neither allele is dominant, resulting in a combination of the two.

A sentence using the word incomplete dominance?

An example is " I can't have the same incomplete dominance as my aunt" From: Tania V. from North Carolina

When are both alleles expressed in offspring?

Incomplete Dominance

What is the trait of flower colour in four o clock is an example of?

If you cross a red flower with a white flower, you will get a pink flower. This is incomplete dominance.

Is albinism Co dominance or incomplete dominance?

it is incomplete dominance because it runs in the genes

When both alleles are expressed in an offspring this is called?

It is called incomplete dominance.

In what both alleles are expressed in offspring?

Incomplete Dominance

Is Colourblindness in males is an example of incomplete dominance?

No, it is an example of sex-linked recessive inheritance.

What is it called when the presence of two different alleles results in intermediate phenotype?

Incomplete Dominance

What condition is where neither of the two genes in a gene pair masks the other?

This is called co-dominance. Both alleles are expressed. For example, if white and red in a flower are co-dominant, the offspring will have both red and white petals in a flower. See link below: