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A positive

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Q: What is blood type A positive plus A negative equal?
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What is the difference between A plus and A1 plus blood group?

A positive and A1 positive (usually written as A plus sign and A1 plus sign) refers to the antigens in the blood. People with the A blood type contain A antigens. People with A positive blood refers to the presence of both A antigens and Rh-positive antigens.

What types of receipients can receive Type B blood?

Type O or type A broadly speaking. it also depends on other proteins found on the surface of donated blood cells such as rhesus proteins. someone can be rhesus plus or rhesus minus meaning they either have the protein or don't. You can only receive blood of the same rhesus type of as your own for example: A rhesus positive can only receive A rhesus positive or O rhesus positive

If the mother has type O positive blood what type of blood type does the father have to be to have a baby?

The father can have any variety of blood type. The only rare complication could occur if the father had A or B group blood, where after birth the mothers immune system attacks the babies red blood cells if it is either A or B. However, this is rare and not usually serious. You may be concerned about "Haemolytic disease of the Newborn" this mainly happens in Rheus D Negative mothers i.e. blood types A, B, AB or O negative if the baby is Rhesus D positive e.g. O positive. Plus the mother must have previously been exposed to Rhesus D positive blood e.g. previous chilbirth. But in this day and age it is very uncommon as it can be prevented both before and after birth. So you can have a baby no matter what blood type the father is.

Can a mother with b plus blood type and a father with b plus blood type have a baby with a blood type?

Yes, it is possible. The geneotype of the mother would be either BB or BO and for the father would be OO. If you cross the father's geneotype and either of the mother's then at least two of the four outcomes will be for B blood type. As for the - and +, positive is dominant over negative. The father could be + - or + + and the mother would be - -. Either combination would result in at least two positives. Therefore, it is possible for the mother to be B-, the father to be O+ and the baby to be B+. I added the link to the website where I got my info from. I want to know if an rh b neg blood type mother and an O positive father can have an A positive baby?

Which of the following blood type can be given to a patient with B- blood?

blood type O can give to anyone because they are the universal donor. and blood type AB- can give to blood type AB-. *Another user says... Because the rhesus factor is negative, this blood type can receive any type of blood other than the types with positive rhesus factors. In other words, O-, A-, B-, and AB-. Hope this helps!