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A positive

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Q: What is blood type A positive plus A negative equal?
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Can a couple with o plus blood type have babies?

Yes, they can. The only time blood type is an issue is when the mother has a negative blood type and the father has a positive.

Can a person with o plus receive and give blood to all blood types?

No; type O+ (O positive) can donate to any blood type that is positive but not to those that are negative. Type O- (O negative) is the universal donor. Type AB can receive A, B, or O blood.

What is the difference between A plus and A1 plus blood group?

A positive and A1 positive (usually written as A plus sign and A1 plus sign) refers to the antigens in the blood. People with the A blood type contain A antigens. People with A positive blood refers to the presence of both A antigens and Rh-positive antigens.

Can O- parent have O plus child?

Yes, it is quite possible for an O negative parent to have an O positive child. However, in order for this to occur, the other parent needs to have positive blood.

If the mother has type O positive blood what type of blood type does the father have to be to have a baby?

The father can have any variety of blood type. The only rare complication could occur if the father had A or B group blood, where after birth the mothers immune system attacks the babies red blood cells if it is either A or B. However, this is rare and not usually serious. You may be concerned about "Haemolytic disease of the Newborn" this mainly happens in Rheus D Negative mothers i.e. blood types A, B, AB or O negative if the baby is Rhesus D positive e.g. O positive. Plus the mother must have previously been exposed to Rhesus D positive blood e.g. previous chilbirth. But in this day and age it is very uncommon as it can be prevented both before and after birth. So you can have a baby no matter what blood type the father is.

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