What is clonal propagation?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Clonal proliferation is the concept of daughter cells arising from one cell originally. This means they all share the same antigen specificity.

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Clonal or micropropagation is a method of prapagating plants by culturing explants.

It is to true type propagation.

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Q: What is clonal propagation?
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What is another word for micropropagation?

Clonal Propagation

What is clonal diversity?

Many flowering plants possesses both sexual and certain types of asexual propagation. Those group of similar plants which are reproduced asexully and grown together in the same place are clonal. The each individual of this group or clony is known as Ramet. If there is genetic dissimalaraties within a clony is clonal diversity.

What is clonal selection responsible for?

Clonal selection is responsible for the proliferation of clones of effector and memory cells specific for an encountered antigen

Which cells exhibit clonal diversity?

Human cells that exhibit clonal diversity are the T and B lymphocytes which are important cells of the immune response.

What dose a dyer do in clonal times?

dye stuf

Antigen presentation is essential for the activation and clonal selection of?

T cells

When was Propagation - album - created?

Propagation - album - was created in 1994.

What type of propagation is used in telephone communication?

Wave propagation

What is advantage of using this type of propagation?

propagation is the type of how the plant reproduce

What does the term artificial propagation mean?

Propagation carried out by man and not naturally.

What is advantager of using this type of propagation?

what is advantage of using this type of propagation

Which is the meaning of propagation?

The act of propagating; continuance or multiplication of the kind by generation or successive production; as, the propagation of animals or plants., The spreading abroad, or extension, of anything; diffusion; dissemination; as, the propagation of sound; the propagation of the gospel.