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Where you do crazy perverted things while having sex.

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Q: What is perverted sex?
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What is perverted practice?

ask your mom..... lol (.Y.)Perverted Practice varies from to state to state. In Maryland Perverted Practice is the misdemeanor criminal charge of sex with an animal or oral sex.

What is the most perverted song ever?

I just had sex. Look it up on YouTube it's not really perverted but the whole song is about having sex.

What is a sex joke?

almost anything that is perverted and funny

What is pervertic?

Where you do crazy perverted things while having sex.

How do you make a sentence for perverted?

Sexual examples would be :"Stop doing that to your sister's doll, it is perverted.""Many people consider sex with vegetables to be perverted.""The priest had a large collection of photographs depicting his altar boys in perverted situations."The word perverted has a meaning beyond the sexual one. "To pervert" is to corrupt, debase, or misuse.Example : "Buying drugs was a perverted use of the charity's funds."Example : "The doctor saw his research perverted by his sponsors."

How can sixty nine be perverted?

Sixty nine can be preverted in the sense that sixty nine is a position for sex.

How you use perverted in a sentence?


Since God knows our thoughts isn't it kind of perverded to listen in on peoples intimate thoughts of sex?

God created sex, so she does not feel that it is perverted.

Are bras perverted?

No, they are the exact opposite of perverted!

Are pentecostals perverted?

No, Pentecostals are not perverted. Why would you ask such a question?

When was Perverted-Justice created?

Perverted-Justice was created in 2002.

When was Perverted by Language created?

Perverted by Language was created on 1983-12-12.

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