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If something is said to be in equilbrium it means that is in its optimum environment and that it is functioning as efficently as possible. All the things that an organism needs are being met yet all the things that organism doesn't need are not being met. So a balance is produced meaning that the organism can thrive.

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Population is at equilibrium when gene frequencies and genotype frequencies are constant from generation to generation.

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Q: What is population at equilibrium in science?
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How many generation is required of a random mating to reach equilibrium if the population if the population is not in equilibrium?


What is ecological unstable equilibrium?

an equilibrium point at which, if either population changes, the population sizes will diverge from, rather than return to, the equilibrium point; a combination of population sizes at which the two populations could coexist, but when the combination changed, no impetus exists to return to the equilibrium population sizes.

How does migration affect the genetic equilibrium of a population?

Migration affects the genetic equilibrium of a population by maintaining it.

What does the science word equilibrium mean?

a balanced state

What is the scientific definition of equilibrium?

it a solid that will contaiin in science

Which population is most likely to be in Hardy-equilibrium?

A large population residing on an isolated island is more likely to reach Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

The life history pattern in which population growth is logistic from?

Equilibrium population

Is population evolving in genetic equilibrium?

It is true.

Immigration of individuals to a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium will NOT upset the equilibrium if?

The immigrating individuals do not at all interact with the pre-existing population in any way.

The genetic equilibrium of a population can be disturbed by each except?

A large population size.

Who directed the movie 'Equilibrium'?

Kurt Wimmer directed the movie 'Equilibrium', and he also wrote the film. The movie 'Equilibrium' is a 2002 American dystopian science fiction action thriller.

The global human population is in dynamic equilibrium?