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ALWAYS front to back!

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Q: What is proper way to wipe vagina after pee back to front or not?
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Why do girls wipe their vagina front to back?

So there is no bacteria from the anus getting in the vagina.

How do girl go pee?

1. Pull down pants. 2. Sit on toilet with kness in front of you/ 3. Push a little and let it out. 4. Wipe front to back. 5. Pull pants up. 6. Flush. 7. Wash hands.

Can you poop and pee at the same time?

yup its very possible my little friend mutitask that's all it is multitask .....lmao

I've touched my boyfriend's sperm then i wipe my hand with a dry cloth then i went to toilet and touched my vagina without wash my hand.It is possible for me to get pregnantEven when I'm in a period?

Wrong! Even if you wiped your hand, there will still be traces if sperm!

Does sex cause cystitis?

Yes it can. It is common for newlyweds to experience "Honeymoon Cystitis". That is when frequent sex causes a temporary urinary tract infection in the woman. The common cause of honeymoon cystitis is the introduction of bacteria, such as E. coli (which normally lives in the bowel) into the urethra. This bacteria begins to replicate, which leads to infection. In addition to the possibility of it occurring after intercourse, honeymoon cystitis can also start when an unclean finger, penis, or other object is inserted from the anus into the vagina. Women who wipe from back to front, rather than from vagina to anus, are also at higher risk for this infection. Symptoms of honeymoon cystitis generally emerge within a day or two after bacteria are introduced into the urethra. A physician can confirm the diagnosis of infection through a simple urine test.

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How should you wipe after peeing?

From the front of your vagina to the back.

Why do girls wipe their vagina front to back?

So there is no bacteria from the anus getting in the vagina.

What is the proper way to wipe your bottom?

Always wipe from front to back.

How do girls wipe?

Always front to back to avoid bacteria into the vagina or urethra.

How is a sanitary towel used?

You hold open the folds of your vagina and gently wipe from the front to back.

How should a girl wipe her butt?

after she gets done peeing she needs to wipe her self, if shes little she might need help but she takes some toilet paper a and wipes from her vagina to the front if she pees if she poops she wipes from her vagina to the back

What is better to wipe your butt front or back?

Wipe to the back. Wiping to the front can bring bacteria to the genital region.

Why do you have brown discharge when you wipe?

you are wiping the wrong way. Wipe from front to back, not back to front. Going from back to front smears feces onto your vaginal area.

How can a female reach to wipe front to back after toileting?

A female wipes back to back and front to front

What is the proper wiping method?

I'm not sure what you mean by wiping as there isn't much information in your question. However if you mean wiping when on the toilet then the correct wiping method is wiping back to front until the tissue is clean. Wiping from back to front after urination can cause urinary tract infections by bringing bacteria from the rectal area forward into the vagina. The proper method is to wipe from front to back and then drop the tissue, unfortunately we usually do these things the way ours mothers did, whether it was right or wrong. Both of the above answers are correct. Males can wipe back to front, but females should wipe front to back so any bacterial from the feces will not get near the vagina causing an infection. For males, when wiping from back to front, it's best to hold your testicles up and out of the way with one hand while wiping with the other. Less is more with the TP, too. use about 5 sheets, folded, not clumped or wadded. And do not wipe further than you need to. Just clean the anus, don't drag it up onto your taint.

How does a female wipe herself?

Front to back

How to wipe your bottom correctly?

Front to back.

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