What is protoctista?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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protoctista is a family of classification

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Q: What is protoctista?
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What is the Protoctista classification?

Kingdom: Protoctista Phylum: Chlorophyta (Green algae)

Why is kingdom protoctista difficult to classify what is the basis of their grouping in kingdom protoctista give example of each of its group?

i dont no

Does a protoctista cell have a nucleus?


Is protoctista a living thing?


How is microorganism of Monera kingdom different from Protoctista kingdom?

Protoctista are eukaryotic, meaning they have a true nucleus. Monera are prokaryotic, meaning they have no nucleus.

Common name of kingdom protista?

The kingdom Protista (also known as Protoctista) includes organisms such as Protozoa, Algae and Fungus.

What type of habitat does protoctista live in?


What do protoctista have in common with prokaryotes?

they are both unicellular ( are single celled).

What are the 5 kingdoms of the world?

animal, plant, fungi, protoctista and prokaryotes

Do protoctista have cell walls?

most of them do while others dont

What kingdoms that are made up of members without a nucleus in their cells?

Protoctista Kingdom

Are there 7 different classification groups?

no there are 5. which are ; animalia, protoctista plantae, fungi and bacteria.