What is scientific honesty?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means that you don't change your data to fit the expected results.

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Q: What is scientific honesty?
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What scientific attitude is especially important when a scientist's result go against previous ideas?


Why is scientific honesty important in geographic data?

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What scientific attitude is being reffered to give truthful opinion?


Why is honesty a matter of self-intrest to a scientist?

No, honesty would not equate to self-interest in scientific pursuits. Honesty and objectivty are characteristics that scentists routinely practice in their posts and are indeed very necessary to their success.

What is a scientific is especially important when a scientists results go against previous ideas?


5 scientific attitudes and values?

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What scientific attitude is especially important when scientist's results go against previous ideas?


What is the difference between the scientific and the non scientific method?

The scientific method requires precise observation and reasoning, and intellectual discipline, and honesty. The non scientific method is something you make up to suit yourself, and therefore, it could be anything you choose.

What is scienific attitudes?

scientific attitudes are attitudes that all scientist must exhibit in order to have a meaningful and successful career such as honesty,perseverance,patience,etc...

What is the proverb of honesty?

"Honesty is the best policy."

What is the scientific?

Science is by definition scientific, much as beauty is by definition beautiful. However, there are pseudo-scientific theories which pretend to be scientific when they really are not. To be truly scientific, a given theory must be based upon honesty, accurate observation, and logical reasoning. Those are the foundations of science.

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