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A normal cell is about 0.02 of a millimetre (0.02mm) in diameter. (Small distances like this are normally expressed in micrometres or microns (μm). Note there are 1000 μms in every mm).

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Q: What is the average size of an animal cell in millimetres?
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What is the size of animal cell?

* well it depends on what can of cell i know that it is a animal cell but not every body cell is not the same size. * well it depends on what can of cell i know that it is a animal cell but not every body cell is not the same size.

What is the main size of fungus?

The average size of a fungus cell is around 5 to 50 micrometers (0.005 to 0.05 mm).

Size of the plasma membrane in an animal cell?

The average is 7 nanometres in width (from outside to inside the cell).

Is it the size of cells or the number of cells that determines the size of an animal?

Cell number and cell size both determine the size of an animal.

How do animal and plant cells compare in size?

The plant cell is smaller than the animal cell

How many lysosome are there in an animal cell?

A typical animal cell can have several hundred lysosomes. It can depend on the size and function of the cell.

What is the size of an animal cell vacuole?

Small And Round

Why a large animal and a tiny animal have cells that are the same size?

no matter what size the animal is they are always gonna have the same cell structure and cell parts . there are two types of cells plant cells and animal cells.i hope this answers your question

What is the size of a muscle cell in a animal cell?

Muscle cells are actually a type of animal cell and thus aren't an organelle. If you were wondering how large a muscle cell is, a muscle cell is about as big as a general animal cell, but are a little larger. I hope this helps you.

What is size of few microorganisms?

size of bacteria is .........millimetres

How can you tell if its a animal cell or plant cell?

If the cell has a cell wall and a vacuole and chloroplasts You can tell them apart by looking through the microscope and seeing if it has a cell wall. If it does then it is a plant cell. If it doesn't then it is an animal cell.

What is the size of the organelles in the animal cell?