What is the charge of a nuetron?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the charge of a neutron is neutral.

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Q: What is the charge of a nuetron?
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What charge does a nuetron have?

It has a neutral charge.

Which is no charge?


Subatomis particles that no has charge is?

nuetron has no charge. its symbol is - O

When do atoms have no electric charge equal number of protons and what?


What are the charges of a proton and a neutrons?

a proton has a positive cherge and a nuetron has a neutral charge

What is a nuclear particle that's has the same mass a a proton but with no electrical charge?


Where is the nuetron found?

A neutron and protons are found in the middle or the nucleus, of an atom. A neutron has a neutral charge.

What is a neutral subatomic particle in an atom?

In the atom the particle without electrical charge is the neutron.

Where do you find a nuetron?

you can find a nuetron in the nucleus.

What is the difference between a neutron a proton and a electron?

A nuetron has no charge and resides in the nucleus of an atom along with protons that have a positive charge. Electrons have a negative charge and are in the electron shells around the nucleus.

Who was the nuetron discovered by?

James Chadwick discovered the nuetron.

What is the antonym for proton?