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what is the Comparison to the Human Arm in Form of crocadile?

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Aida Santos Chavez

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2y ago
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A human arm has more joints and flexibility compared to a crocodile arm, which is more rigid and streamlined for swimming. Crocodile arms are covered in scales and are adapted for powerful movements in water, while human arms have more dexterity for tasks like grasping and manipulating objects.

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Josh Andrade

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2y ago

Crocodile The humerus is shorter and wider. Helps them swin better and crawl better. Animal Comparison to Human Arm in Form ( structure ) Comparison to Human Arm in Function

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Q: What is the comparison of the human arm form to a crocodile arm?
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What is the crocodile arm function?

The crocodile arm function refers to the natural instinct of crocodiles to seize and hold onto their prey tightly with their powerful jaws and limbs. This function allows crocodiles to capture, restrain, and eventually consume their prey with efficiency.

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