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The haversian canal is the axis of the basic unit of bone, the osteon, and it has longitudinal orientation. The Volkmann`s canal has a transverse orientation and interconnect different Haversian canal between them.

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Q: What is the difference between a haversian canal and a volkmann's canal?
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Longitudinal canal carrying blood vessels and nerves?

The central, or Haversian, canal. The canal runs through the core of each osteon.

What is a haversion canal?

haversian canal is a part of the bone.

What is the channel extending through a osteon?

Haversian canal & Central Canal

The canal that runs through the core of each osteon (Haversian system) contains?

Central (Haversian) Canal is the canal that runs through the core of each osteon.

Which cells of bones secrete the matrix of Haversian canal?


Is the haversian canal the site of cartilage and interstitial lamellae?


What is the canal that runs through each of the core osteon or haversian canals?

The long hollow passageway, the Haversian canal, contains small blood vessels responsible for the blood supply to osteocytes (individual bone cells).Osteons are several millimetres long and about 0.2 millimeter (0.008 inch) in diameter; they tend to run parallel to the long axis of a bone.

Is there a Haversian canal in this photo httpmummy-dinosaur-carved-by-mengooglegroupscomwebHa on Marsjpg?

No. That is a picture of the Martian surface and Haversian canals are found in animal bones on Earth.

What is the canal that connects lacunae to osteocytes?

The Haversian Canal is connected to the lacunae by a system of interconnecting canals called the canaliculi.

Blood vessels that nourish the osteocytes or bone cells travel to the area through the?

Haversian canal

Where are osteoblasts produced?

Osteoblast are made in three areas of bone periosteum, endosteum, and the haversian canal.

What are the structures that comprise a Haverson canal system?

Compact bone consists of a repeating structure called a Haversian system, or osteon, which is the primary anatomical and functional unit. Each osteon has concentric layers which are deposited around a central canal, also known as the Haversian canal, each containing a blood and nerve supply.