What is the function of organelles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All cells have small organs like we have that are called organelles. Cells organelles Cary out a cells daily processes such as disposing of waste or taking in food and water.

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Q: What is the function of organelles?
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Organelles function in the destruction of nonfunctional organelles?


What are facts organelles?

All eukaryotic cells have within them a variety of different structures called organelles. Organelles are small and function much like organs function.

What are the organelles of the cell and give it function?

organelles are considered the pets of the cells. they bring them joy and allow the cells to properly function.

Are organelles elements?

No. Organelles are structures inside cells that perform a particular function.

What determines the number and type of organelles in eukaryotic cell?


Structure in a cell with a particular function?


Why are these organelles?

Organelles are structures within a cell each with its own characteristic shape ,size and function.

What is the main function of cellmembrain?

The main function is to keep the organelles in the cell and to protect them

A specialized part of a cell that carries out a specific function?

The components of a cell that perform specialized functions are called organelles. Organelles function similarly to organs in the body, each one performing a specific function that maintains the unit as a whole. Organelles, however, are much simpler than organs (which are composed of cells which are composed of organelles), and are typically much less versatile.

What is the function of the cell organelles in the nucleus?

It controls the cell

What is the function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulm?

its storage to the organelles

How do you use the word 'organelles' in a sentence?

Living cells contain numerous organelles, each with a unique purpose and function.