What is the job of the cytoskeleton?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to protect the inside of the cell

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Q: What is the job of the cytoskeleton?
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Create analogy describing the job of a lysosome within a cellular factory?

it would be the function of the cytoskeleton.

What is a network of protein fillaments that helps the cell maintain its shape?

the cytoskeleton

What helps hold the nucleus in a place in a cell?

cytoskeleton :)

What part of the cell keeps the cell membrain from collapsing?

The cytoskeleton keeps the membrane from collapsing. A cytoskeleton is a skeleton and a muscle. The cytoskeleton function in a plant and animals.

Do protozoas have a cytoskeleton?

Yes , they have cytoskeleton .

What part of speech is cytoskeleton?

Cytoskeleton is a noun.

What job would cytoskeleton do at a school?

It would be the outside of the classrooms. (Unless you have an indoor school with hallways...then it would be the outside of the main building.) Usually the word cytoskeleton refers to the external skeleton of an organism. (One example is the shell on a bug.)

What cell parts does the cytoskeleton interact with?

what parts does a cytoskeleton have?

What has a cytoskeleton?

Cytoskeleton is in eukariyotes.It is spreaded through out cytoplasm.

What part of the cytoskeleton is responsible for cell movement?


What is a cell's internal supporting framework?

The cytoskeleton is the structural framework in a cell ("cyto" refers to cell and "skeleton" refers to a structural framework).

In a eukaryotic cell a network of protein filaments called what help maintain the shape of cell?

A network of protein filaments is called a cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton helps cells to maintain their shape as well as support and movement.