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In eukaryotes the protoplasm surrounding the nucleus is called the cytoplasm. In prokaryotes the material inside the plasma membrane is the bacterial cytoplasm.

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Q: What is the living material surrounding the nucleus?
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What is an all living material surrounding the nucleus?


All living material surrounding the nucleus?

Golgi apparatus or endoplasmic reticulum

What is the living material surrounding the outside of the nucleus?

directly sorrounding the nucleus is the nuclear envelope (the envelope can also be considered as part of the nucleus itself) however, sorrounding that is the cytoplasm, which contains organelles

All living materials surrounding the nucleus?

Everything that surrounds the nucleus is living, because the nucleus is part of a living organism. Be more specific.

Is nucleus a living material?

no ... no organelles are

What makes protoplasm a living material?

The nucleus.

What is the material inside a cells nucleus?

Protoplasm is the living substance inside the cell. The protoplasm surrounding the cell is known as cytoplasm. The protoplasm inside the a cell's nucleus, is known as nucleoplasm or nuclear sap.

What is all living material surrounding the nucleus?

The living materiel around the nucleus are its organelles, the closest being the nucleolus. The other "living materiel" that surrounds the nucleus are the mitochondria, lysosomes, the Golgi body and apparatus, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, cell membrane (or cell wall in plants), ribosomes, vacuoles, and the cytoplasm.

What is the living material in a cell excluding the nucleus?

its the penis's sperm

What is the specific term for living material within a cell but confined to the nucleus?

There is no specific term for living material within a cell that is confined to the nucleus. The nucleus does, however contain the DNA that is the blueprint for all protein production in the cell.

All living material inside the cell is called the?


What membrane separates the living material of the cell from the surrounding environment?

Plasma Membrane

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