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Such plant cells will not be able to perform photosynthesis

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A decrease in glucose production

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A decrease in glucose production

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A decrease in glucose production.

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Q: What is the most likely result of the damage to the thlaykoid membrane in the plants?
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What condition is least likely to affect a plants ability to perform photosynthesis?

receptor proteins in the membrane.

Are plants prokayotic?

No, like you plants are eukaryote; a membrane bound nucleus and many membrane bound organelles.

Do animal and plants have a plasma membrane?

do animal have a plasma membrane

Do ladybirds damage plants?

No, infact they help plants by eating aphids that damage plants.

Is the cell membrane only in plants?

No, the cell membrane is present in all eukaryotic cells. This includes plants and animals.

What do you call the membrane covering a cell?

The cell membrane or plasma membrane in animals. The cell wall in plants.

Where do you think the cell membrane of a plant cell is located?

Plants do not have a cell membrane.

Do bacterial cells have a cell wall or membrane?

Only plants have a wall, so they have a membrane.

Organs found in plants what organs are there in plants?

cell membrane,mitochondria,photosythesis

Barrier between the inside of a cell and it's environment?

cell membrane for all cells and a cell wall for plants(plants still do have cell membranes)Cell Membrane.

What cell is cell membrane in?

The cell membrane is in the plants and animals cell.It controls entry into and out of the cell.

What is the boundary between the exterior and the interior of the cell?

In animals, it is the cellular membrane. In plants it is the cell wall and cell membrane.