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"hpf" in this case stands for high powered field. The normal level is 1-3 red blood cells per microscopy view on high power.

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10-20 hpf red blood cells seen

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Q: What is the normal Red blood cell 1-3 hpf?
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What is normal red cell count in urine?

The normal RBC count in urine is - 4 RBC/HPF RBC -red blood corpuscle HPF - high power field

What is normal range of pus cell in semen?

1 to 10/HPF is normal

Normal platelet estimates per hpf are?


What does 1-3 hpf pus cell means in stool?

It is actually very normal to have some pus, or dead white blood cells, in a person's stool. This by itself is not cause for concern.

Is 0-1hpf red blood cells and 0-2 hpf pus cells normal?

Is that a urine sample? Breast milk? Unable to evaluate without knowing what you're looking at.

Is rbc 4-10 hpf normal?


What is macrohematuria by definition?

>50 red blood cells per high-power field [RBCs/HPF]) on a single urinalysis (UA)

What are the Normal and abnormal values in fecalysis and its interpretation?

RBC: 1-3 HPF WBC: 6-8 HPF Bacteria: Abundant

WBC in urine HPF?

That means you have an increase of white blood cells in your urine, it could mean you have an infection in your gential area, seek professional help.

What does the medical abbreviation hpf mean?

HPF stands for high power field, a microscopy term. For instance, if I see more than five white blood cells when looking through the 40x lens at a vaginal wet smear, I might write "WBC >5/HPF."

What does hippie peace fighter stand for?


What is the significance of having the result of 3-5 hpf pus cells in the urine?

Having white blood cells present in the urine is not cause for alarm if no other symptoms are present. If there are other symptoms, then a doctor should be consulted to see about the possibility of a UTI.