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Pain in the hips could be a number of issues including, but not limited to; Snapping Hip Syndrome or Iliotobial Band syndrome. Another issue that could be causing hip pain would be a hip stress fracture.

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Q: What is the pain in my hip and leg?
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early morning pain thigh and leg

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What is the cause of the numbness from your hip to your leg?

what is the causes of pain in lower toes

hip bone pain going down to top part of legs?

what does it mean when hip bone pain runs down to upper part of leg

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How do you treat hip and leg pain?

You do not have any single cause for hip and leg pains. The cause has to be found if possible before you treat the condition. The treatment is given accordingly.

What are some causes of hip joint pain?

The cause of hip joint pain is typically excess movement by pounding of the leg on to hard pavement such as cement. Typically, hip joint pain is caused by a lack of stretching or excess strain.

Hip and groin pain after fall 5 weeks ago?

i fell five weeks ago in our driveway and bruised my left leg and hip bruse has gone away but it still hurts to walk, pain in my hip

What kind of doctor treats hip bursitis and leg pain?

An orthopedist or physiatrist can treat those problems.

What bone leg is involved in hip replacement?

The femur is the leg bone involved in hip replacement.

How do you know if a cat's hip is broken?

The only true way to know if a cat's hip is broken is with an x-ray. A cat with a broken hip may limp, may hold the leg in the air, or cry out in pain when handled.

You are suddenly no injury having radial sharp pain in your hip which runs down your leg and into your foot Is this bursitis?

sounds like its sciatic nerve pain. It starts in or around your hip/lower back and goes all the way down to you toes.

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