What is the papillary region?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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is 1/5th of the thickness of dermis.

Areolar Connective tissue which has elastic, collagen and reticular fibers.

It is the region beneath dermal papillae ( finger-like projections in the uppermost part of the dermis just beneath the basement membrane of epidermis)

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Q: What is the papillary region?
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Where can you observe the hair bulb of a hair?

papillary region

What is the superficial region of the dermis?

The papillary dermis is the most superficial layer of the dermis. Deep to it is the reticular dermis.

What muscle is attached to the chordae tendineae?

papillary muscles

Why is the papillary layer responsible for fingerprint?

papillary layer is responsible for fingerprints

Does the skin include the papillary layer?

The papillary layer of the skin is one of two layers of the dermis.

How many papillary muscles are there in the heart?

Papillary muscles are found in the heart's ventricles. They control the AV valves.

What are the symptoms of papillary mesthelioma?

There are many symptoms of papillary mesothelioma. Examples of symptoms of papillary mesothelioma includes having a cancerous tumor and feeling very ill.

What happens if the papillary muscles fail to contract?

If the papillary muscles fail to contract the valves will prolapse. The papillary muscles are located in the ventricles and contract to prevent prolapse.

What structure connects the cusps of the AV valves to the ventricles?

papillary muscles

Does the papillary layer consist of areolar connective tissue?

Yes, the papillary layer of the skin consists of areolar connective tissue.

What is the role of papillary muscle?

The papillary muscles are muscles located in the ventricles of the heart. The role of the papillary muscle is to prevent inversion or prolapse or the atrioventricular valves.

What are equiped with the chordae tendinea and papillary muscles?

The heart valves are attached to the chordae tendinae and papillary muscles which function to open the valves.