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Q: What is the part of a neuron which acts as a tiny antennae and conducts signals toward the axon of that cell?
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What neuron conducts impulses toward the synapse?

All neurons'impulsestravel to the synapse of the neuron. The synapse is the end of the neuron where theimpulsecantravelto another neuron or the any other receptor cell in the body.

What part of the neuron conducts the nerve impulse?

Dendrite toward the cell body, axon away from the cell body.

What receives neuron messages and sends them to the cell body?

The dendrite receives a stimulus and conducts the nerve impulse toward the cell body.

What muscles are used when you do step ups?

Various muscles of lower limb and back and hip.Each nerve impulse begins in the dendrites of a neuron's. the impulse move rapidly toward the neuron's cell body and then down the axon until it reaches the axon tip. a nerve impulse travels along the neuron in the form of electrical and chemical signals.

What sends the neurotransmitters toward the next neuron?


What carries impulse toward the cell body of a neuron?


What is an alternative term for an axon?

Dendrites: Unlike most axons, they receive signals from other neurons and pass the messages to the cell body of the neuron. Axons transmit impulses away from the cell body toward the axon endings/ terminals

Which neuron carries impulses toward the main cell body?

the axon carries impulses toward the main cell body

Which branching structures carry information toward the cell body of a neuron?


What kind of neuron carries impluses toward the brain and spinal cord?


What are the structures that carry messages toward a neuron's cell body?

nerve impulses

Small branched extension of a neuron that carries impulses toward the cell body?