What is the purpose of the hand?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to harbor

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The purpose of the hand is to grab things, eat, type, write, etc.

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Q: What is the purpose of the hand?
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What is the function and the purpose of the steady hand game?

To have hand-eye coordination

What was the purpose of the black hand?

The purpose of the Black Hand group in WW1 was to recruit and train partisans for a possible war between Serbia and Austria.

Why is the hour hand of the clock?

The purpose of the hour hand on the clock is to tell which hour it is. *

What is the constitutions purpose?

The purpose of the constitution is to make sure the US will keep its order and not get out of hand with the government.

What is the purpose of hand guards?

The purpose of hand guards are to protect your hands in case you were to take a spill. Hand guards are also used to protect your hands from brush, such as trees, dirt, etc.., when riding in a heavy dense area.

What does the hand wheel release do on the sewing machine?

The main purpose of a hand wheel on a sewing machine is to slowly turn the needle by hand.

What is the purpose of a hyperbolee?

A hyperbole's purpose is to express the extreme magnitude of the matter at hand through over exaggeration.

What is the purpose of the hand roll?

The purpose of a hand roller is to roll your own cigarettes. It is cheaper in the long run to roll your own smokes rather than to purchase the individual packages.

What is the purpose of hand washing?

To prevent germs and diseases. Sarah114

Why is hand surgery performed?

The purpose of hand surgery is the treatment of a broad range of problems that affect the hand, whether they result from cuts, burns, crushing injuries to the hand, or disease processes.

What was the purpose of the human hand adaptation lab?

using masking tape tightly tape each of your thumbs to the palm of the hand

The purpose of a business report is?

The purpose of business reports is to enable management to have timely, factual information at hand for planning and decision making.