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They are shaped like a spiral.

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Q: What is the shape of spirillum bacteria?
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Is spirillum a bacteria or a virus?

A spirillum is a bacteria.

Is spirilla a shape of viruses?

No, Spirillum is a bacteria and not a virus. It basically twists like a spiral and there are 2 different species, Spirillum volutans and Spirillum winogradskyi.

How are Bacillus different from Spirillum?

Bacillus are of rod shape and spiral bacteria are twisted in shape

What is spirillum volutans?

Spirillum volutans is a type of the bacteria Spirillum.Spirillum volutans has a corkscrew shape, and little tuffs of flagella putruding out of the polar ends. It is a very large bacteria.

What kingdom does a spirillum belong?


Which bacteria does spirillum belong to?


What is the scientific name for spirillum?

Spirillum is the name of two species of spiral shaped, Gram-negative bacteria in the family Spirillaceae. The bacteria in the family are two species, Spirillum volutans and Spirillum winogradskyi. Spirillum have been found to be the cause of rat-bite fever and Lyme disease.

Is tick-borne fevers cocci bacilli or spirillum?

A tick-borne fever, such as lyme disease, is caused by a spirochete bacteria. This is a type of bacteria which is spiral in shape.

Three basic shapes of bacteria?

The three basic shapes of bacteria are spherical, rod and spiral. Coccus bacteria is spherical in shape, Bacillus is rod-shaped and Spirillum is spiral-shaped.

Is spirillum bacteria good or bad?

it is bad

What kingdom does spirillum belong to?

bacteria kingdom

What do spirillum bacteria eat?

Spirillum bacteria get their name from the fact that they look like spirals. They eat what many other types of bacteria eat, which is anything they can acquire, from sugar to air.

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