What is the structure of bones?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The bone is structured easily

  1. they are hard and rough on the out side
  2. Then they have a silky substance before the bone marrow
  3. Then in the middle there is the bone marrow a jelly like substance
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the structure of the bones are-corticalbone-cancellousbone-red marow-hematologicalbone-stromalbone-yellow bone- apeendicularbone-and-axial bones-

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Q: What is the structure of bones?
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Why do we need bones?

We need bones for support, movement and structure :)

What is the function of an owl bones?

bones help hold up structure.

What is the skeletal system for a panda bear?

panda's skeletal system is the bones it contians. its front two legs bones has the structure of our hand and the hind leg bones has the structure of haman legs.

What is the meaning of bones?

Bones do not have any meaning, but they provide the supporting structure for vertebrates.

Do worms have a bone structure?

Worms have no bones.

Why do bones are important to us?

Structure and Protection

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What is the name of the internal structure of bones in your body?

your bones make up the skeletal system

What shape are bones of the cranium?

They are flat-structure bones that together form an approximate hemisphere.