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that looks like 2 different things.

4 or more pvc's is considered "a run of vtach"

the other part would depend on the rhythm before the vtach...

ex. sinus tachycardia with a run of vtach

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v tach

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Q: What is the term for three or more premature ventricular complexes occurring in a row at a rate of more than 100 beats a minute?
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If a person's heart rate is 72 beats per minute determine the number of QRS complexes that would have appeared on an ECG during the first 30 seconds?

36. A QRS complex is the ventricular contraction of the heart. There is one QRS complex per beat. So, since the person's heart rate is 72 bpm, divide it by 2.

How do you count ventricular rate of heart?

Place the stethoscope over the heart (left side of the chest) and count the heart beat for a full minute.

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If a persons heart rate is 72 beats per minute what would be the qrs complexes that would appeared on the ekg during the first 30 seconds?


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What is a ventricular tachycardia?

Ventricular tachycardia-- A rapid heart beat, usually over 100 beats per minute.

What are the ECG characteristics of Atrial flutter?

1- Inverted P waves (F waves) in II, III and AVF. 2- saw-tooth pattern between QRS complexes in II,III and AVF. 3- Atrial rate is 250-400 and regular but ventricular rate depends on AV node and between 60-150 and typically regular. 4- QRS is not wide 5- T waves not identifiable.

What is the difference between heart rate and ventricular rate?

On an ECG the heart rate will match both ventricular rate and atrial rate if the heart is normal. If people have atrial fibrilation then the ventricular rate will be used on the ECG to work out the rate of the ventricular contraction and vice-versa with ventricular fibrilation. Usually both atrial and ventricular rates match so if the atria contracts at 70 BPM the ventricles will beat at 70 BPM. It is possible for the ECG machine to work out atrial or ventricular rate if needs be. Usually, however, if the ECG machine just displays heart rate then both ventricular and atrial rates match.

What happens if heart beat is more than 100 in a minute?

not sure of the spelling but i think it ventricular tachycardia