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All of the above

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Q: What is true about the dominant culture in most countries?
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What is a dominant narrative?

A dominant narrative is the dominant ideology of a society. Basically, it is what most of a society believes to be true.

What is true about the imperialist nations in Africa during the early 1900s?

They had the potential to drastically change most aspects of the culture in the countries they colonized

Has European countries ruled territories in most of the world?

Yes, the answer is true!

Which statement about culture is true A culture is only present in strong countries B culture has no influence on individuals C everyone belongs to one or more cultures?

Everyone belongs to one or more cultures.

Is it true that the Scandinavian countries are the southernmost countries in Europe?

Quite the opposite; Scandinavian countries are the most northern.

When Mendel crossed a true-breeding short plant with a true-breeding tall plant, all the offspring were tall. Which term describes the gene for tallness?


Is it true that mendel assumed that a dominant allele had masked the corresponding recessive allele in the f1 generation?

No. A recessive trait is masked by a dominant trait.

Could B is dominant to both A and O is this true or false?

False.B is dominant to O and codominant with A.

What is true of all seed plants The gametophyte is dominant Seeds are enclosed in a vessel The gametophyte is free living The sporophyte is dominant?

The sporophyte is dominant.

Is it true that while conceiving if you are dominant your genes will be dominant?

What do you mean Dominant. If you mean you are on top then, no it wont make a shred of difference one way or the other.

What is true of someone with genotype TT?

it is homozygous dominant

What is true of someone with a genotype TT?

it is homozygous dominant