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They may use different resources. Even if one species feeds on another, so long as they don't exhaust their food supply, both species can coexist. Ticks and rabbits coexist, even though ticks feed on rabbit blood. Rabbits and coyotes coexist, even though coyotes feed on rabbits.

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Each species can not use the same food. If they do, one will cause the other to die off.

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Q: What is true concerning coexistence between two species of organism?
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What is the relationship between the terms species and organism?

The relationship between the terms species and organism isthat they are both living. Organisms are in a species.

What is the Accumulation of differences between species?


Exaim the difference between an organism and a species?

An organism is a single-celled life form whereas a species refers to a group of organisms.

Difference between species and organisms?

an organism is 1 living species and species are things that live in a certain area

What is the difference between species?

the difference between a genus and a species is where a species is a type of an organism and a genus is one specific organism alone

Difference between habitat and niche?

A niche is a cycle an organism goes through every day to survive. A hahitat is where an organism lives.

What is the difference between species and organisms?

An "organism" is any type of living things like a cat,dog,bat etc. A "species" is the category they go in.

Which grouping identifies a specific organism?

the grouping for a specific organism is the species

What is the genus and species of a living organism?

The genus and species of an organism are the final specific categories that an organism can be placed in. The genus contains the organism itself, and often it contains closely related species. The species name is unique to each species, and sets it apart from the other related species in the same genus.

A biologist studing interactions between an animal species and its environment is studing biology at which level?


Which level of organization lies between organism and community?

Population which is all of the organisms of the same species.

What are the first organism to occupy a barren landscape following an event such as glacial retreat called?

The first organism in barren landscape is pioneer species.