What is unexpressed genes?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Genes are cells that decompose in a plant cell.

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Q: What is unexpressed genes?
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What is Prader Willis Syndrome?

A genetic disorder resulted in seven missing or unexpressed genes on chromosome 15

How does a person inhreit prader-willi syndrome?

A person inherits Prader-Willi syndrome from the paternal chromosomes. This basically means that you had seven genes that were unexpressed.

What are the unexpressed non-coding regions of eukaryotic genes called?

An intron is a non-coding section of a gene. This is spliced out before the creation of the final mRNA.

How do natural selection and inbreeding help to reveal latent variety within animal and plant kinds?

Inbreeding leads to homozygocity. The recessive genes remain unexpressed in the heterozygous condition. Homozygocity of recessive genes make it possible to express them. Thus, inbreeding in animals and plants, during natural selection, can reveal latent variety when expression of latent genes is possible.

Prader-willi and angelmen syndrome are caused by a deletion?

due to deletion of seven genes (or some subset thereof) on chromosome 15 (q 11-13) are deleted or unexpressed (chromosome 15q partial deletion) on the paternal chromosome.

Off the table or off of the table?

off the table implies the use of the unexpressed second person subject 'you' and an imperative command. YOU, off the table! off of the table implies the use of the unexpressed verb GET and an imperative command. Get off of the table.

What are two synonyms for implied?

unexpressed, hidden, wordless, unspoken, indicated, meant, figured

Do only an omniscient narrator can reveal the characters unexpressed thoughts and feelings to the reader?


What social issue does Swallowing Stones address?

Swallowing Stones talks about unexpressed emotions and gun abuse.

Are polygenic genes dominant genes?

Polygenic genes are usually dominant genes.

Are the fathers genes always the dominant genes?

No - the father's genes are not always the dominant genes.

What are defective genes?

defective genes are genes that are defective