What is wrong with this tongue?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sorry, heres the picture.

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Q: What is wrong with this tongue?
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What happens if you dont perce your tongue wrong?

If you don't pierce your tongue wrong then what's the problem?

What is wrong if you are 16 and have a lump in your tongue?

it means you have tongue cancer

What is wrong with my tongue and teeth?

The only way to find out what's wrong with your tongue and teeth is to see a dentist. If there is something wrong with your teeth, like being broken, they could be scratching your tongue which can make it sensitive.

Is it wrong to shave you tongue with with a machete knife?


If you are breastfeeding can you pierce your tongue nose or lip?

Yes, nothing wrong with it at all.

What happens if your tongue piercing goes wrong?

It makes your body not try to heal.

What is wrong if you are 15 and your tongue has red raised lumps at back underneath and side of tongue uncomfortable to swallow and sore throat?

It should be an precaution or symptoms of tongue sore or it may be canker sore

What can happen if you perice your tongue your self?

by experience i did mine wrong and i pierced a vain all that happen was that my tongue got num for a week and there was alot of blood

If a girl has a tongue ring what does that mean?

Well actually she would have a "tongue piercing" not a "tongue ring" and it means nothing other than she has and enjoys piercings and to think anything other than that is just wrong on your part.

What does it mean when a girl gets her tongue pierced?

She gets her tongue pierced, that's what it means...........a pierced tongue. Don't go looking for a deeper meaning in something that isn't gives guys the wrong immpression

How often does a person bite its tongue off?

Ummm.... That's very unusual but 1a week is normal otherwise there is something wrong you have to check your tongue with a pin.

Can most tongue pi ercing go wrong?

yes it can get infected if it gets infected really bad they might have to take a little part of your tongue off