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A chemical change is taking place.

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Chemical change

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Q: What kind of change is taking place if white mold growing on a strawberry?
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How do you know when a physical change is taking place?

The best way to know when a physical change is taking place is to observe. There will be a visible change in physical changes.

What is growing faster recycling or pollution?

Pollution is growing faster. Recycling is however taking place at a slower pace.

What change is taking place when water evaporates?

This a phase change, from liquid to gas.

What physical change is shown taking place in burning wood?

chemical change.

The chemical change taking place when food is cooked is?


A release of energy is a sign that?

A chemical change is taking place.

What was taking place in the first half of the 1900s?

the earth's population was growing faster than ever before

Why is there no strawberry milk in Asia?

there is now. Dont ya know? in my place at a resteraunt there is a hole lot of strawberry milk. hmph which part of Asia are you in? if its a pore place i reckon theres no strawberry milk there. if you want strawberry milk just come to TOkyo, Japan. TOns of strawberry milk.

When a log burns in a fire is a physical change taking place?


What is the evidence that learning is taking place in the classroom?

When a change in behaviors has occurred..

Is adding HCl to Mg physical change?

No. There is a change in substance taking place, so it would be considered a chemical change.

What type of change is a state of matter?

physical... the matter itself does not change. That would imply that a chemical change is taking place