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Haematology treats diseases of the blood; Vascular treats diseases of the vessels.

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Vascular Doctors treats veins and arteries and Cardiologists treat the heart.

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Q: What kind of doctor treats illnesses or diseases of the circulatory system?
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If the circulatory system isn't working what diseases may occur?

If your circulatory system is not working, you do not need to worry about diseases because you will be dead.

How do you cure diseases of circulatory system?

It depends which disease it is because there are many different diseases in the Circulatory System.

What are the Pathogenic Diseases of the circulatory system?


What are the effects of the diseases in the circulatory system?


What is the cure of respiratory and circulatory system's disorders or diseases?

The cure of respiratory and circulatory system's disorders or diseases is keeping off all forms of drugs.

What doctor would you need if the circulatory system fails?

you would need a cardiology doctor if the circulatory system fails

What do the white blood cell within the circulatory system do?

the white blood cells in the circulatory system are considered that because they fight off diseases and illnesses that the body may have. did u know for every seven million red blood cells, there is one white blood cell.

What are some associated diseases from saturated fats?

Circulatory system diseases, cancer.

What are some diseases you can can get from the Circulatory System?

Heart Attack '>'

What diseases can effect the circulatory system?

M.S for one

2 diseases of the circulatory system?

Atherosclerosis and Hypertension.

What are the common diseases of the circulatory system?

Coronary Artery Disease, and Angina are both disease that effect the circulatory system.