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A Magnifying Glass

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Q: What kind of objective should be used in studying whole section of a specimen?
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Why should you always begin focusing on a specimen with the 4x ot 10x objective?

You start with the 4x lens in order to focus a specimen.

Which objective lens should you use to begin observing a specimen under a microscope?


When focusing a specimen you should always start with which objective?

Super extra high power lens

What objective lens is it easiest to find or locate your specimen?

You should use the lowest value lens. It is the shortest one.

What particular objective should be used when a general view of the specimen is to be studied?

When starting a microscopic study,always examine under LPO first.Move the slide and get a good general view of the specimen.

What procedures should be followed prior to placing a specimen slide on the stage of the microscope?

Turn the objective lens to the lowest magnification setting.

Where should one list normally the objective section of the resume?

It is common practice to list the objective section of a resume right after your name and contact information. Failure to do so may confuse potential employers.

What should you do if a specimen spills on your clothes?

What is the specimen?

Why should you use the scanning objective to find objects first?

Try it any other way and you'll see. The scanning objective has the largest field of view, the greatest depth of field, and the greatest working distance. It is the most forgiving objective. It is the easiest to find the specimen and focus on it.

What question should you be able to answer when your studying with a purpose?

why am i studying

What questions should you be able to answer when you're studying with a purpose?

Why am i studying

A microscope should be stored with the objective in place?

It should be stored with the low-power objective in place.

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