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Q: What layers contain the nerves sweat glands oil glands and hair?
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What structures doe the dermis contain?

The dermis contains nerves, blood vessels, sweat glands, hairs, and oil glands.

What parts of the body can be destroyed from tuberculoid leprosy?

Because this response by the immune system occurs in the deeper layers of the skin, the hair follicles, sweat glands, and nerves can be destroyed.

What controls the sweat glands?

Your sweat glands are controlled by autonomic nervous system. They get the nervous supply through the sympathetic nerves. But functionally they are parasympathetic nerves, because the acetylcholine is secreted over there at the terminal end.

What layer of skin contain sweat glands?

the dermis

What are the other layers found in the skin?

Epidermis Dermis Fatty layers Sweat glands Hair follicles

Does sweat glands contain cholinergic receptors?

All the post-ganglionic parasympathatic reseptors are cholinergic (muscarinic) . and all the post-ganglionic sympaythatic reseptors are adrenergic . Except for sweat glands , Piloerecter muscles , and a few blood vessels they use sympathatic nerves but a cholinergic resepotrs . -Note that all the pre-ganglionic ( sympathatic and para sympathatic ) reseptors are cholinergic ( Nicotinic ). -Note that the sweat glands on the palms of the hand are adrenergic , but the rest of the sweat glands are cholinergic.

A saltwater solution is secreted by what glands?

sudoiferous glands

Are there sweat glands on your palms?

No, they have sweat glands

Did dinosaurs have sweat glands?

Only mammals have sweat glands. Dinosaurs were reptiles, so they did not have sweat glands.

How many sweat glands are in your feet?

There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet.

Where does the sweat originate?

Sweat glands are found in the skin.

What ids the difference between sweat glands and oil glands?

Sweat glands releases sweat and oil glands release oil, other wise they are both glands