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internal obliques, external obliques, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis

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Q: What muscles compose the abdominal wall?
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List and describe the function of each of the muscles that compose the abdominal wall?

There are the abdominal muscles and the oblique's. They help to keep you standing straight and when working properly, your back healthy.

What is an abdominal wall?

An abdominal wall is the layer of muscles which surrounds the abdominal cavity and contains the abdominal organs.

Compression of the abdominal wall occurs by what four muscles?

The four muscles that are involved in the compression of the abdominal wall are the internal oblique, external oblique, transversus abdominus, and the rectus abdominus.

What forms the third layer of the abdominal wall muscles?

Transversus Abdominis muscle. It's located deep to the External Abdominal Oblique and Internal Abdominal Oblique muscles.

What additional skeletal muscles are utilized in an ERV activity?

abdominal-wall muscles and the internal intercostal muscles contract.

Which muscle would be most helpful for forceful expiration?

abdominal wall muscles

What is the antagonist muscle in the back extension exercise?

The abdominal wall muscles. You have internal oblique, external oblique, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis muscles to form that wall.

What body cavity walls have muscles?

The abdominal pelvic cavity has a muscular wall. There are no bone to protect the intestines so a thick wall helps. The muscles also allow for flexing at the waist.

What activity are you simulating when you click the ERV button?

Maximal exhalation; internal intercostal and abdominal wall muscles

Function of the ilium?

The ilium is the largest of the three bones of the pelvis. It is an attachment site for the muscles of the abdominal wall.

What is the trunk in human anatomy?

The Trunk Muscles include, 1) those that move the vertebral column ( most of which are posterior antigravity muscles); 2) anterior thorax muscles, which move the ribs, head and arms; 3) muscles of the abdominal wall, which help move the vertebral column and most importantly form the muscular natural girdle of the abdominal wall.

What is the name of the fibrous band of connective tissue on the ventral abdominal wall?

Lina Alba: A fibrous band that runs vertically along the center of the anterior abdominal wall and receives the attachments of the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. Also called white line.

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