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The common structural characteristic of all cell organelles is that they contain a membrane. The membrane is highly important as it regulates the concentration of materials inside and outside the cell or organelle, allowing transport of specific substances into and out of the cell.

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All cells have DNA, a (cell wall or plasma) membrane, contain cytoplasm, and have ribosomes.

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All animal cells have the same organelles. These are the nucleus, nuclear membrane, lysosomes, centrosomes, golgi body, endoplasmic reticulum, the cell membrane, cytoplasm, and many more.

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Q: What organelle do all animal cells have in common?
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What organelle is responsible for cytoplasmic streaming?

the left organella is responsible for all damages to the human cells or animal cells.

What cell is found in endoplasmic reticulum?

It is found in all types of cells except except prokaryotes. :)

Is the organelle in the plant cell or animal cell?

Organelles can be found in all kinds of cells: animal, plant, bacterial, etc.

Is there mitochondria in an animal cell?

Sure is. This ATP producing organelle is one of the defining features of animal and all eukaryotic cells. With few exceptions.

When Both plant and animal cells have a nucleus that makes them what types of cells?

Eukaryotic cells make up both animal and plant cells. All cells have many things in common: the cell membrane and organelles. Most cells have an organelle called the nucleus. Cells vary in size, vary in shape and are measured in micrometers.

Is vacuole found in fungus?

A vacuole is a membrane bound organelle which is present in all plant and fungal cells and some protist, animal and bacterial cells.

In what type of cells does cellular respiration occur?

plant and animal cells/ eukaryotic and happens in the organelle, mitochondria.

Is a peroxisosomes a plant or animal cell?

Simply, yes. Virtually all eukaryotic cells have peroxisomes.

Do animal cells and plants cells have a cell membrane?

Cell membrane is common to all living cells.

What organelle serves as a storage site of genetic information for the animal cell?

Nucleus is ivolved in that.It is common to all

Is a cytoplasm organelle a animal or plant cell?

Cytoplasm is neither, it is a jelly like substance that fills all cells and surrounds the organelles.

What is one organelle all cells have?