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nucleus i think either that or mitochondria

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cell membrane

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Q: What organelle has membrane bound structures inside a cell that perform specialized functions?
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How do structures within cell allow the cell to be specialized?

The structures allow the cell to perform specific functions.

What are membrane-bound structures within cells?


Membrane bound structures within eukaryote cells?


What is the structures and functions of mitochondria?

mitochondria is an endo-membrane organelle. it consists of an inner &outer membrane. it also contains an inter mitochondrial space. it is the power house of the cell where the photosynthesis takes place.

Is cell membrane an organelli or not?

Yes, the cell membrane is an organelle. It counts as an organelle as it has very specific functions in the cell, such as filtering what comes in and out of the cell.

What organelle would be prevalent in a cell that specialized in phagocytosis?

There is one main organelle that is involved in phagocytosis. The organelle involved is the cell membrane due to transportation.

Where does cell respiration takes place in a specialized organelle called?

In the inner membrane of the mitochondria.

What specialized structures do a prokaryotic cell use to maintain homeostasis?

cell membrane

What main structures do all specialized cells have?

DNA and a cell membrane and cytoplasm

What are the specialized structures in the cell membrane that are involved in communication?

Receptors and receptor proteins

What are organelles made of?

According to scientists, organelles are specialized features within prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that carry out specific functions. An example in eukaryotic cells, one organelle is the Golgi apparatus which sorts and process proteins. In prokaryotic cells, the Pilli is an organelle that transfers DNA.

What is a term that refers to small structures inside a cell membrane and it means little organs?