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The light bar

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No, this answer is most definitely incorrect.
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Q: What part of the light reactions of photosynthesis is similar to the oxidation of minerals by chemoautotrophs?
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Where oxidation and reduction takes place?

Oxidation of water occurs wherever there is photosynthesis. Plants and organisms that perform photosynthesis take in water and other minerals and convert them to sugar, but the conversion to sugar creates a biproduct of free oxygen. This oxygen then oxidizes the water.

What role of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in chemical weathering?

Oxygen causes oxidation reactions; carbon dioxide with water (as carbonic acid) dissolve minerals.

The oxidation of minerals that contain iron?

The Answer Is Chemical.

What are six minerals needed in photosynthesis?

The six minerals that are required in photosynthesis include phosphate, calcium, magnesium, and sulfate. Nitrogen and potassium are also included in those minerals.

Why does iron appear red in rock?

From the oxidation of iron minerals.

What regulates chemical reactions in the body?


What type of weathering occurs when reactions dissolve the minerals in rock?

We apply the term chemical weathering to the (chemical) reactions that occur and dissolve minerals in rock.

Which part of the plant absorbs minerals for photosynthesis?

The roots absorb mineral ions and water and transport them to the leaves. But photosynthesis does not actually use the minerals in making the sugar.

What is oxygen called when it is combined with rocks and minerals?

It is called oxidation when rocks and minerals are combined with oxygen. It is chemical weathering.

What is it called when dissolved oxygen reacts with minerals that contain metals?


Why is scoria red?

Scoria is red due to the oxidation of iron-containing minerals.

What nutrient group do antioxidants fall under?

An antioxidant is a generic name given to any substance that is capable of hindering oxidation reactions (generally bad). Antioxidants include vitamins C and E, proteins such as the enzymes catalase and peroxidase, and minerals such as selenium. Given that, antioxidants may be included in the nutrient groups of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.